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The AEMT are passionate about maintaining, and the craft of rewinding, repairing, and renewing, rotating electro-mechanical equipment and ancillaries to enhance and reuse them.

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Training courses and professional development

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Ex Repair Course

Our legendary Ex Repair course, renowned for its ability to demystify hazardous area equipment repairs. Complicated procedures made simple!

health and safety

Health & Safety Courses

At the heart of AEMT's mission is the unwavering commitment to championing Health and Safety education for its members. Given the high-stakes nature of their work, which often involves navigating the complexities of electrical and mechanical equipment, this focus is not just important—it's vital.

Business Management

Business Management Courses

Our Leadership and Management courses are more than just skill-building—they're about fostering professional growth, enhancing collaboration, and fine-tuning communication.


Bespoke Training

We can offer bespoke Ex Training courses both in the UK and Internationally which can be delivered at a location and time to suit you, depending on our availability.


Bitesize Guide to Electric Motors

Are you ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of electric motors? Whether you're an apprentice starting our, a sales advisor, in administration, or a curious learner, this comprehensive recorded webinar course is designed just for you!


Meggar Webinars

Megger webinars provide valuable educational knowledge across a number of areas include testing theory and applications, best practices, industry standards/procedures, and safety.


Pump Courses

Since 1941, the British Pump Manufacturers' Association (BPMA) has been serving the interests of UK and Irish suppliers of liquid pumps and pumping equipment. Its mission throughout that time has been to influence the pump sector environment and aid the competitiveness of its strong 100 plus membership.


Gearbox Courses

The British Gear Association (BGA) is a trade association that promotes the technical and commercial interests of manufacturers, distributors, academics and others involved in the Power Transmissions industry in the United Kingdom.


ABB's Introduction to Electric Motors

ABB's very own introduction to Electric Motors. This short course gives an excellent overview of how electric motors work, understanding the cost of ownership, applications, servicing and condition monitoring.

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