Electronic Repairs and Instrumentation

Electronic repairs and instrumentation are critical services in the maintenance, repair, and renewal of various types of electro-mechanical equipment. These services are particularly relevant to the sectors represented by AEMT members, such as oil & gas, utilities, and agriculture, where precise control and monitoring are essential for optimal performance and safety.

Electronic Repairs:

  1. Circuit Board Repairs: Faulty circuit boards in control systems, drives, and other electronic components are repaired or replaced.

  2. Drive Repairs: Inverter drives and other types of drives that control motor speed and torque are often subject to repair services.

  3. PLC Repairs: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are commonly repaired to ensure the seamless operation of automated systems.

  4. Emergency Services: AEMT members offer 24-hour emergency repair services to minimize downtime and operational losses.


  1. Sensors: Various types of sensors, such as temperature, pressure, and flow sensors, are installed and maintained for monitoring system performance.

  2. Control Systems: Instrumentation often involves the installation and maintenance of control systems that manage various parameters like speed, torque, and temperature.

  3. Calibration: Instruments are regularly calibrated to ensure accurate measurements and optimal performance.

  4. Data Analysis: Advanced instrumentation often includes data analytics capabilities for predictive maintenance and performance optimization.

Key Functions and Services by AEMT Members:

  1. Expertise: AEMT members have the technical expertise to handle complex electronic repairs and instrumentation tasks.

  2. Quality Assurance: Members adhere to industry standards to ensure the reliability and longevity of repaired or installed components.

  3. Asset Management: Condition monitoring and other asset management services often incorporate electronic repairs and instrumentation to maintain optimal performance.

  4. Sustainability: In line with AEMT's focus on environmental sustainability, repair services often aim to extend the life of equipment, contributing to a circular economy.

In summary, electronic repairs and instrumentation are vital services that ensure the efficient, reliable, and safe operation of electro-mechanical equipment in various industrial sectors. AEMT members are well-equipped to provide these services, backed by their expertise and the support of the association.