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For those of you who are looking after, fixing, giving a bit of TLC, and even selling those revolving electrical gadgets, have we got something for you! Here is an absolute treasure trove of technical know-how and business gold mines ready and waiting.

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AEMT have been leaders in the field of repair overhaul and reclamation of hazardous area rotating electrical equipment since publishing our codes of practice with BEAMA in 1984. We have a wealth of resources to help you find answers, build your knowledge and understanding, to help you prevent another Buncefield from occuring.

Energy Efficiency

Whether we repair or replace equipment, there is always the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the system. Whether we install a more efficient IE3 electric motor, or look for ways to minimise downtime, we have loads of guides to help you make more informed decisions.


Your comprehensive resource for the latest insights, research, and best practices in the electro-mechanical industry. Our publications are designed to empower you with the information you need for optimal performance. Dive in to stay updated, informed, and ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving industry.

News and Articles

AEMT's News & Articles are your key source for the latest in electro-mechanical industry. From member successes in sectors like power, water, and energy to insights into regulation, energy efficiency and sustainability. Whether you're into industry trends, regulations, or professional growth, this section keeps you informed and engaged.

HR Resources

With the help of our partners Croner, we have put to gether a set of templates, policies and resources which members are free to download, rebrand and use within their own organisations.

Standards Portal

The AEMT BSI Standards Portal provides subscribing members with a curated collection of industry specific standards. Everything from quality management systems to hazardous area design standards. The AEMT manages this library for you, so you know you've always got access to relevant and up to date standards.

Renew Mag - The AEMT Journal

The AEMT's trade publication offering Insights into the repair, maintenance and replacement of rotating machinery.


Good Practice Guide to Maintain Motor Efficiency (UK Version)

The purpose of this guide is to provide repair/rewind practices and tips that will help service centre technicians and motor winders maintain or increase the efficiency, reliability and quality of the motors they repair.


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What are “Zones” and how are they related to risk?

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BS EN ISO 14064-1:2019

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BS ISO 45001 2018

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BS 8001 2017

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BS EN 13463-1 2001

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BS EN 13463-1 2009

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