Types of Membership

Roll up, roll up, there's room for everyone in the AEMT! We've got three flavours of membership. First, our Full Members - the heart of UK's buzzing engineering world, masters in rotating electrical kit repair, maintenance, and sales. Then there's our International Members, the worldly adventurers bringing their expertise from beyond the British shores. And our Associate Members - industry-respected suppliers serving up top-notch parts, consumables and services. Hop in, folks!

Full Members

Full members offer a wide range of services to a variety of sectors. Most members have well equipped mechanical engineering facilities for the repair and refurbishment of worn components and for metal fabrication. Increasingly members offer a professional asset management service for their customers. By using condition monitoring techniques they are able to ensure the correct installation, and plan maintenance schedules taking into account the results of predictive maintenance and preventative maintenance to minimise downtime. This ensures that equipment operates at peak reliability and efficiency. AEMT members are in contact with most companies and their maintenance engineers, and normally provide a 24 hour emergency service when faced with a critical failure.

Associate Members

The Association also includes the manufacturers and distributors of rotating electrical equipment, pumps, and the manufacturers and suppliers of the components such as insulation, varnish, wire, seals and bearings. Other Associate Members supply the test and repair equipment used during manufacture and overhaul.

International Members

International Members fall into the same category as full members, but come from outside the UK.