Member requirements

We are an inclusive organisation, however we need to make sure that our members adhere to a few simple rules in order to protect our credibility.

Membership to the AEMT is open to all bona fide firms within the industry as outlined below.

The AEMT’s objectives as outlined in article 2.1.2 of the Association are to secure the co-operation of all bona fide firms in the Industry and their suppliers, so that, by co-operative action, it can speak for the whole industry internationally on matters affecting them all.

Bona fide firms include:
  1. Companies who have filed satisfactory accounts for a minimum of 1 year of trading.
  2. Companies who have a good representative online presence,
  3. Companies who abide by the association’s codes of conduct.

Approving members

The AEMT Secretariat will check:

  • The applicant’s website and digital profiles. 
  • Accounts at Companies House
    • Checking for one or two years suitable accounts
    • Noting who the directors are.
  • Circulate application form to council and allow seven days for comment
  • If no objections the company will be invoiced and sent a welcome package.
  • On occasions a visit may be required.