Enhancing Quality and Compliance: AEMT's Audit Services

The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) stands as a beacon of Quality and integrity. Our audit services are here to help Members ensure that their Quality Management Systems (QMS) meet and exceed industry standards.

Service Overview:

Our services are designed to uphold and enhance the quality standards of our members' operations. We offer First Party Audits for internal analysis, Second Party Audits to assess your suppliers and external providers, and Third Party Audits in conjunction with Notifying Bodies. Each service is conducted with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring your business adheres to the latest standards in the industry.

First Party Audits:

Objective: To provide an impartial and thorough review of your internal Quality Management Systems (QMS), fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001(9.2.1).

Benefits: Our audits offer a more objective perspective compared to in-house reviews, helping to identify potential areas for improvement and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Process: Our certified auditor, Mr. Karl Metcalfe, will arrange an onsite visit offering insightful advice and constructive feedback for system enhancement.

Second Party Audits

Objective: Tailored for members aiming to audit their suppliers or service companies, in line with IEC 60079-19:2019 (Ex Repair) and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Benefits: These audits ensure that all third-party suppliers or service providers meet the stringent quality and performance standards required for your operations.

Process: Our certified auditor, Mr. Karl Metcalfe, will thoroughly evaluate the performance of external providers, ensuring that they align with your quality expectations and compliance requirements.

Third Party Audits:

Objective: Conducted on behalf of Notifying Bodies like Baseefa, SIRA, PTB, etc., these audits are crucial for decisions on issuing or renewing certifications.

Benefits: AEMT’s support in these audits adds value through our expertise and deep industry knowledge, assisting Notifying Bodies in making informed certification decisions.

Process: We offer our assistance as part of the audit teams for third-party audits, providing an in-depth and informed perspective.


Our primary and secondary audit services are offered at a competitive rate of £300+VAT and travel expenses per day, reflecting our commitment to providing value-added services to our members. Please contact your NB for third party audits. 

Karl Metcalfe

Karl Metcalfe

Lead Trainer and Technical Advisor

Karl has worked within the rewind industry since 1987 developing a broad and deep knowledge of the sector. He is the AEMT’s lead lecturer and offers ongoing technical support to members. Starting his apprenticeship at York based service centre Eclipse Engineering, Karl trained as a time served electrical rewinder and fitter, where he worked extensively with low voltage machines, pumps and gearboxes. In 2011, he left Eclipse to move into sales then moved on to Featherston as workshop manager, where he gained experience in handling medium to high voltage equipment. He later became works manager of Kirkby Lindsey in 2015 where he was also the responsible person for signing off all Ex equipment.

01904 674899
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