AEMT members are vital contributors to the shipbuilding industry, offering specialized services in the maintenance, repair, and renewal of key rotating electro-mechanical equipment like motors, pumps, and gearboxes. These components are essential for various shipbuilding processes, including propulsion systems, ballast operations, and onboard machinery. AEMT provides 24-hour emergency services for critical equipment failures, ensuring that shipbuilding projects stay on schedule and meet quality standards. Through condition monitoring and asset management, members work to optimize the performance of machinery, thereby enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability. The association's focus on refurbishing equipment, where over 75% of materials are reused or recycled, is particularly relevant in an industry increasingly committed to environmental stewardship. Overall, AEMT's role is crucial for the efficient, reliable, and sustainable operations in the shipbuilding sector.


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  • Electrical Rotating Machine Winders    
  • Mechanical Fitter    
  • Machinist    
  • On Site Services

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