High Voltage Machines

High Voltage (HV) machines, typically electric motors and generators operating at voltages above 1000V, are essential components in various industrial applications. These machines are often used in sectors like power generation, oil & gas, and utilities, which are also represented by AEMT members. High Voltage machines offer several advantages but also come with their own set of challenges and requirements.


  1. Efficiency: High Voltage machines are generally more efficient than their low-voltage counterparts, especially for high-power applications.

  2. Reduced Current: Higher voltage allows for lower current, which means smaller conductors can be used, reducing both material costs and energy losses.

  3. Long-Distance Transmission: High Voltage machines are often used in applications where electrical power needs to be transmitted over long distances with minimal loss.


  1. Safety: High Voltage machines require specialized safety measures to protect both the equipment and personnel.

  2. Complexity: These machines often require specialized control systems and protective relays, adding to their complexity.

  3. Cost: High Voltage equipment, including the necessary safety and control systems, can be expensive to install and maintain.

AEMT Members and High Voltage Machines:

AEMT members are well-equipped to handle the complexities of High Voltage machines. Their expertise includes:

  1. Manufacturing: Producing high-quality, reliable High Voltage motors and generators that meet industry standards.

  2. Installation and Commissioning: Ensuring that the equipment is installed and commissioned safely and efficiently, following best practices.

  3. Maintenance and Repair: Offering specialized maintenance services, including condition monitoring to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

  4. Emergency Services: Providing 24-hour emergency services to address critical failures, which is crucial in sectors where downtime can have significant impacts.

  5. Sustainability: In line with AEMT's focus on environmental sustainability, members aim to make High Voltage machines as energy-efficient as possible, contributing to reduced carbon footprints and operational costs.

  6. Asset Management: Utilizing advanced monitoring and diagnostic tools to manage the health of High Voltage machines, thereby extending their lifespan and reducing the total cost of ownership.

In summary, High Voltage machines are integral to many industrial applications, and AEMT members have the expertise and resources to manage these complex systems effectively, safely, and sustainably.