Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is the process of continuously or periodically assessing the state of machinery or equipment to detect signs of deterioration or impending failure. This practice is crucial in industries like oil & gas, utilities, and agriculture, which are represented by AEMT members. Condition monitoring is an integral part of asset management services offered by AEMT members, aimed at ensuring optimal performance and extending equipment life.

Types of Condition Monitoring Techniques:

  1. Vibration Analysis: Measures oscillations in machinery to detect imbalances, misalignments, or wear.

  2. Thermal Imaging: Uses infrared cameras to identify hot spots that may indicate electrical or mechanical issues.

  3. Oil Analysis: Examines the properties and contaminants in lubricating oils to assess machine health.

  4. Acoustic Emission Testing: Listens for high-frequency sounds emitted by cracks or other defects in machinery.

  5. Electrical Monitoring: Measures electrical parameters like voltage, current, and resistance to detect issues in electrical systems.

Key Functions and Services by AEMT Members:

  1. Data Collection: Advanced sensors and instrumentation are used to collect real-time data on various parameters like temperature, vibration, and electrical signals.

  2. Analysis and Interpretation: Specialized software and expertise are employed to analyze the collected data, identifying trends or anomalies that may indicate potential issues.

  3. Predictive Maintenance: Based on the condition monitoring data, predictive maintenance schedules can be developed to address issues before they lead to critical failures.

  4. Emergency Services: 24-hour emergency services are available to address any urgent issues detected through condition monitoring, minimizing downtime and operational losses.

  5. Reporting and Documentation: Detailed reports are generated to document the condition of the equipment, providing valuable insights for future maintenance and investment decisions.

  6. Sustainability: Condition monitoring aligns with AEMT's focus on sustainability by enabling more efficient use of resources and extending equipment life, thereby contributing to a circular economy.

Applications in AEMT Sectors:

  • Oil & Gas: Used to monitor pumps, compressors, and other critical equipment in refineries and drilling operations.

  • Utilities: Employed in power generation plants to monitor turbines, generators, and transformers.

  • Agriculture: Used in irrigation systems, tractors, and processing equipment to ensure optimal performance.

In summary, condition monitoring is a vital practice that helps industries maintain the reliability and efficiency of their machinery and equipment. AEMT members are well-equipped to offer these services, backed by their expertise and the support of the association.