Turbines are rotary mechanical devices that extract energy from a fluid flow—such as steam, water, or air—and convert it into mechanical work. They are integral to various industries like power generation, oil & gas, and utilities, which are sectors represented by AEMT members.

Types of Turbines:

  1. Steam Turbines: Commonly used in thermal power plants to convert steam energy into mechanical energy.

  2. Gas Turbines: Used in various applications including power generation and jet engines, these turbines run on natural gas or other hydrocarbon fuels.

  3. Wind Turbines: Convert wind energy into electrical energy.

  4. Hydraulic Turbines: Used in hydroelectric power plants to convert the energy of flowing or falling water into mechanical energy.

  5. Combined-Cycle Turbines: Utilize both gas and steam turbines to improve overall efficiency.

Key Functions and Services by AEMT Members:

  1. Manufacturing and Distribution: AEMT members may be involved in the manufacturing and distribution of turbines, ensuring they meet industry standards for quality and reliability.

  2. Installation and Commissioning: Proper installation and commissioning are crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of turbines.

  3. Maintenance and Repair: Specialized maintenance services, including condition monitoring, are offered to detect issues such as wear, imbalance, or thermal stress before they become critical failures.

  4. Emergency Services: 24-hour emergency services are available to address any urgent issues related to turbines, minimizing downtime and operational losses.

  5. Asset Management: Advanced monitoring systems can be employed to manage the health and performance of turbines, thereby extending their lifespan and reducing the total cost of ownership.

  6. Sustainability: In line with AEMT's focus on environmental sustainability, members aim to make turbines as energy-efficient as possible. Refurbishment and renewal practices often contribute to a circular economy.

Applications in AEMT Sectors:

  • Oil & Gas: Used in various processes including compressors and pumps in refineries and offshore platforms.

  • Utilities: Employed in power generation plants, including thermal, hydroelectric, and wind power stations.

  • Agriculture: Although less common, turbines can be used in large-scale irrigation systems.

In summary, turbines are essential components in a wide range of industrial and utility applications. AEMT members offer comprehensive services and expertise to ensure these turbines are installed, maintained, and operated efficiently, reliably, and sustainably.