AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

AEMT Past Presidents & Chairman
FromTo PositionNameCompany
19451947ChairmanTed Lawton*Industrial Electrical Co. Ltd. London
19481949ChairmanLaurie Bowers*  RF Winder
19491950ChairmanBob Joseph*Midland Electric Installation Co. Ltd. (became Deritend)
19501951 ChairmanRalph Gill*Midland Dynamo Co. (became Dowding & Mills)
19511952ChairmanGeorge HoldingStewart Thomson & Sons (Liverpool) Ltd
19521953ChairmanJack Hardy*AA Electrical (Became EPMS)
19531954ChairmanGeorge Smith*Smith & Co. (Carlisle) Ltd.
19541955ChairmanCharles CollinsCollins Electrical
19551956ChairmanFred Washington*EJ Wilcock Ltd. Bham. (became Deritend)
19561957ChairmanArthur SpindlerA.Cooksley & Co. Ltd. London
19571958ChairmanHarry Vernon*Thomas W. Ward, Sheffield
19581959ChairmanCharles Aldridge*Hirst Electrical
19591960ChairmanNeill Saunders*Saunders Electrical, Exeter
19601961ChairmanGeorge Bracken*Bracken Electrical, Northants
19611962PresidentDavid Reekie*Dynamo Electrical Repairs
19621963PresidentMark PlummerShoolbred Rewinds (Deritend Electrical Services Ltd.)
19631964PresidentBill Browning*Brownings Electric Co. Ltd. Barking
19641965PresidentWalter Womersley*Southern and Redfern Ltd.
19651966PresidentCyril VincentDynamo Motor Repairs (became Lewis DMR & Wyko)
19661967PresidentMiss Christine Morgan*Tyne & Wear Electrical Co Ltd.
19671968PresidentRowland WalkerRotary Electrical Co. Ltd.
19681969PresidentDavid LatimerDeritend Electrical Services Ltd.
19691970PresidentSW Fletcher*Fletcher Bickerton
19701971PresidentBill TrussonHorn & Co. Middlesborough (became Dowding & Mills)
19711972PresidentPeter Hollings*Dowding & Mills Ltd.
19721974PresidentKen Beatson*Beatson & Co.
19741976PresidentBob Rigley*Electric Repairs Nottingham
19761978PresidentIvor Nevett*Electrical Motor Services (Canterbury) Ltd.
19781980PresidentGeorge Kemp*Massey Coggins Ltd.
19801982PresidentJim Cole*Dowding & Mills Ltd.
19821984PresidentDavid BowersRF Winder Ltd.
19841986PresidentBob Joseph*The Deritend Group
19861988PresidentJohn Peach*J. Jones Electric & Associates Ltd. (became Wyko)
19881989PresidentIvor Nevett*Boughtway Ltd.
19891991PresidentTim MarksElectrical Rewinding Services (York) Ltd.
19911993PresidentGerry HannTeamseed Ltd. (became Cegelec)
19931995PresidentPeter BoxallRomac Gloucester Rewinding Co.
19951996PresidentBill PriorMid Kent Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.
19961997PresidentTim MarksElectrical Rewinding Services (York) Ltd.
19971998PresidentRichard TweddleWainwright & Gibson
19981999PresidentNick SmithSmith & Co.(Carlisle)Ltd.
19992000PresidentPeter RyderLewis Berl (became Wyko).
20002001PresidentMike TriggAnstee & Ware Ltd.
20012002PresidentBrian GibbonDowding & Mills Engineering Services.
20022003PresidentDavid GriffinCPM Engineering Ltd.
20032005PresidentAndrew SavageMid Kent Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.
20052006PresidentRon Mitten*Houghton International Electrical Services Ltd.
20062007PresidentTerry KiddHubert A. Kidd Electrical Engineers Ltd.
20072008PresidentPhilip BourneHG Rewinds Ltd
20082012PresidentVernon FletcherPreformed Windings Ltd
20122013PresidentAndrew SavageMid Kent Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.
2013 2015PresidentDavid HeskethBowers Electricals Ltd
20152017PresidentGraham BrookerWilson Electrical
2017 2019PresidentGary DownesSolutions in IT (EMIR Software)
2019 2021PresidentDavid HawleyABB Ltd
20212023PresidentShaun SuttonCentral Group

 * Deceased