01 May 2024

Innovative Motor Technology Delivers Higher Efficiency Across the Full Speed Range

In an era of evolving energy efficiency standards and a growing commitment to environmental responsibility, motor manufacturer WEG has launched the W23 Sync+ motor line. Marek Lukaszczyk, European and Middle East Marketing Manager at WEG, introduces the benefits of the new PMSynRM technology.

W23 Sync+ is a hybrid innovation that combines permanent magnet (PM), ferrite or neodymium magnets and synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motor technologies, providing higher efficiency across all speeds when compared with conventional induction motors.

WEG prides itself on staying ahead of international standards and regulations, and the quest for very high efficiency levels, now reaching IE5, was the driving force behind this innovation. That is why the IE5 W23 Sync+ model surpasses the current European Ecodesign regulation, which stipulates that equivalent new motors must meet the IE3 or IE4 standard.

As traditional induction motor technology approaches its efficiency limits, the need for alternatives has become more apparent. To achieve higher efficiency levels, electric motors must have very high inrush current levels, which demands new starters and protection systems when replacing an existing motor. While SynRM motors offer a potential solution to meet IE5, they also have shortcomings, such as a low power factor that necessitates larger drives and increased costs.


The PMSynRM technology developed by WEG ensures a flat efficiency behaviour, boasting a higher efficiency level for the entire speed range when compared with conventional induction motors, and a higher power factor than synchronous reluctance motors.

This approach results in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for plant managers. The PMSynRM technology varies in the separation of electrical losses in the electric motor by employing magnets. The magnets generate their own magnetic field without requiring induction of currents. Therefore, they reduce the motor's total losses.

For example, while a conventional induction motor loses over 20% efficiency across its varying speed and load ranges, the W23 Sync+ maintains its higher efficiency, decreasing less than 2% when the load and speed are reduced by 25%.

However, efficiency isn't just a metric for energy consumption; it extends to the operational life of the motor. The W23 Sync+ generates less heat, which leads to a longer lifespan, fewer replacements and reduced maintenance requirements. This also eliminates the need for additional cooling.

In addition, the W23 Sync+ motor line unlocks energy savings that directly impact facilities' CO2 reduction efforts. The WEG team has calculated that replacing an IE3 induction 75kW 4-pole motor with an IE5 W23 Sync+ may result in a reduction of 126 tons of CO2 during the latter motor's expected lifetime of 25 years. This takes into account an operation time of 6,500 hours per year.

Development of the W23 Sync+ began in 2021and WEG's technical competence groups – spanning electromagnetic analysis, structural analysis, lamination analysis, electrical and magnetic materials, insulation materials, polymeric materials, vibration of rotating electric machines, fluid-thermal-acoustic analysis and bearing and lubrication – worked collaboratively to ensure a comprehensive approach to product development.


The W23 Sync+ is available in a range of frame sizes, from IEC 80 to 450 (NEMA 140 to 7000), and can operate over a wide speed range at constant torque without the use of forced ventilation. Speed ranges from 750 up to 6000rpm are available, and the motor's output rating ranges from 0.75 to 1250kW, while it is compatible with a 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V or 400/690V power supply.

The PMsynRM motors can be used in a diverse range of industries, though they are best suited to applications with varying loads, thanks to the technology's ability to maintain high efficiency, even at partial load. The line is suitable for applications including compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors, and more.

Thanks to its design, the W23 Sync+ is compact and has the same power-per-frame ratio as induction motors. For example, the IE5 variety is available in the same frame size as an IE3 motor, which makes interchangeability with existing installations smooth and hassle-free.

Manufactured in Brazil and China, the W23 Sync+ motor line is globally available and backed by WEG's technical support and services. Furthermore, the ferrite magnet used in the W23 Sync+ is constructed from ceramic material and has a local supplier and producer. This avoids global supply chain issues and results in material price stability. In the realm of electric motors, the W23 Sync+ addresses challenges posed by efficiency limits and environmental responsibility as industries strive for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

In the realm of electric motors, the W23 Sync+ addresses challenges posed by efficiency limits and environmental responsibility as industries strive for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.