AEMT's Guide to Electric Motors

Are you ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of electric motors? Whether you're an apprentice starting our, a sales advisor, in administration, or a curious learner, this comprehensive recorded webinar course is designed just for you!

The Bitesize course takes learners through 5 key learning stages:

  1. Identify an Electric Motor: 41 Minute Webinar Recording
  2. Dismantling and Fault Finding: 27 Minute Webinar Recording
  3. The Repair Standard: 60034-23: 39 Minute Webinar Recording
  4. An Introduction to Copy Rewinding: 37 Minute Webinar Recording
  5. An introduction to Assembly and Testing: 33 Minute Webinar Recording

Total course learning time: 3 hours


Which job vacancies do you struggle to fill?

  • Electrical Rotating Machine Winders    
  • Mechanical Fitter    
  • Machinist    
  • On Site Services

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