AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

AEMT President's Responsibility



Responsible to: The governing council of the Association

Main purpose of role / summary:

The role of President is a high profile figurehead role.

Main duties / tasks:

  • Ensuring that the organisation complies with all legal requirements
  • Oversight of the organisation’s finances and risk management
  • To work with the Chief Executive and within the agreed strategic and business direction agreed by the Council.
  • To act as an ambassador and advocate for the organisation.
  • To be present at key member or public events, such as the AGM or annual conference. 
  • To represent the organisation and its members to wider stakeholder groups.

Person specification

Key skills, attributes and desirable qualities:

The President will:
  • Have high standing and reputation within their industry,
  • Be visionary about their sector or industry
  • Have developed and maintain an extensive network of contacts so is well connected both within the sector or industry and outside
  • Have public speaking skills
  • Be known as an influencer and be able to shape the views of stakeholder and other external audiences
  • Be able to articulate and support the organisation’s strategy
  • Accurately and consistently promote the organisation’s key messages

The President will also demonstrate:

  • The ability to contribute at least one day per month on Association matters
  • Observance of the Association’s Code of Practise at all times
  • IT literacy, to be able and willing to use technology on Association business

The President will hold office for one year and may, at the end of that time, be re- elected as President for a further year or accept the role of past-president for a period of one year.

The President may be paid an honorarium if so determined by the council or its representative Remuneration Committee and this will be reviewed annually.

Autumn 2022