01 May 2024

Transformer Specialist Celebrates 45th Anniversary

IN JANUARY 2024, TRANSFORMER specialist Electro-Wind Ltd celebrated its 45th anniversary.

Whilst the first generation of the family-owned business started and developed it for 20 years, the next generation, its current directors, have been committed to leading the company ’s growth for the last 25 years.

Since its formation, the company has evolved and grown, widening its product range in size and diversity and gaining exper tise and capability along the way. The advancing product range offers bespoke transformers from 10VA up to 2MVA in addition to AC reactors, DC rectifiers and chokes, supported by a range of associated products, including site electrical accessories.

Over the last 45 years, the company has outgrown three different premises, and with the new addition in 2024 of a further production unit to house the significant machinery investments, its momentum shows no sign of slowing down.

Recognising the milestone, the directors have thanked all of their staff, suppliers, and customers for their continued support and are looking forward to the next ex citing stage in Electro-Wind’s journey.