01 May 2024

New Inverter Series for Lift Applications

IN A NEW DEVELOPMENT IN passenger lift technology, motor and drive supplier WEG has introduced the ADL500 inverter series.

The ADL500 series, certified to European standards EN81-20 and EN81-50, combines the success of its predecessor, the ADL300, with innovative concepts. This new offering boasts features such as Safe Torque Off SIL3, Safe Brake Test (SBT), and the Safe Brake Control (SBC – SIL3) with EBC500 accessory, which allow operators to check motor break status and avoid any unintentional movement.

WEG has also introduced the Zero Contactors concept. Contactors are switches commonly used in inverters to switch between circuits, and this new technology removes the need for them with its Enhanced Elevator Position Control (EPC). The EPC algorithms ensure optimal comfort, direct approach, and precise floor levelling even in demanding environments. What's more, the series offers an array of energysaving solutions, aligning with the global shift towards sustainable practices. WEG has introduced green technologies with this latest offering, such as regeneration through the new AFE200 size for smaller elevators, a standby function for eliminating idle-state energy consumption, and energy peak shaving through rechargeable external supercapacitors to avoid spikes in consumption.

Recognising the prevalence of smart devices and IoT technology, WEG's ADL500 series facilitates seamless operator communication with the inverter. The dedicated WEG_Liftouch application for Android, IOS, and Windows platforms enables remote startup, monitoring, tuning, and alarm checks. Whether onsite with a Wi-Fi connection or through the WEG Drives RMS (Remote Management System) portal, operators can remotely manage operations.