01 May 2024

Motor Overhaul for Steel Equipment Manufacturer

QUARTZELEC MALAYSIA HAS recently completed an overhaul and rotor refurbishment on a 11,000V, 4000kW, Chongqing Electric synchronous motor for a steel equipment manufacturer located on the East Coast of the West Peninsular of Malaysia.

The client had encountered some issues with the existing coils during operation and decided to fully replace them to avoid any further problems.

On site, the rotor and stator were dismantled and transported to the Kuala Lumpur-based workshop where the team set to work.

After initial inspections, the rotor coils were removed, and the rotor frame was cleaned, insulated and varnished.

Replacement rotor coils were provided by the client and following installation, full electrical inspections were conducted and witnessed by the client’s representatives.

Following a full rotor assembly, no load testing was successfully conducted, again, witnessed by the client and the machine was safely packaged and transported back to site for full installation.