01 May 2024

Liquid-Cooled IE5 Synchronous Reluctance Motors

THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT OF ABB’s IE5 SynRM (synchronous reluctance motor) series sees the launch of a new version that combines the benefits of ultrapremium energy efficiency with liquid cooling.

Customers can use IE5 SynRM Liquid-cooled motors to save energy costs and cut emissions in new projects or as a drop-in replacement for less efficient motors.

One advantage of the IE5 SynRM Liquid-cooled motors is that they are much more efficient than the traditional liquid-cooled induction motors and offer significant potential for upgrading with energy-saving technology.

Reliability has been improved by highly effective cooling combined with the cool SynRM rotor and cooling ribs on the bearing assembly which reduces the operating temperature of the bearings. This helps increase the lifetime of this key component and reduce maintenance needs.

The motors are robust, with tight seals to keep out moisture, dirt and dust, and a smooth outer surface prevents dust buildup. This makes the motors well suited to demanding applications that require high power density where space is restricted, such as marine propulsion systems and thrusters. Furthermore, the motors do not need fans or ventilation, so they do not disturb the surrounding air or release heat into the local environment. This is a major benefit in processes that are impacted by airflow, such as rubber and plastics production, and food and beverage applications like chocolate conche machines. With no fans, the motors also enhance the working environment by reducing noise levels.

The high power output of the liquid-cooled IE5 SynRM offers increased design flexibility. It can enable a machine to be upgraded to deliver a higher power output within the same footprint, or it can allow for a more compact installation footprint while still providing the same output.

IE5 SynRM Liquid-cooled motors are available in frame sizes IEC 200-315 in aluminium frames, with steel available on request. The versatile design enables the motors to provide exceptional performance over a range of powers from 37 to 710kW.