01 May 2024

High-Efficiency Motors for Oil Pumping Stations

NIDEC ASI, PART OF THE MOTION & Energy Division of the Nidec Group, has been chosen by SIOT – Società Italiana per l'oleodottoO Transalpino S.p.A., part of the TAL Group – as a partner in the TAL pipeline efficiency project that transports oil from Trieste to Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.

This is one of the most important infrastructures for oil transport in Europe, and with its 753km of pipelines, it supplies eight refineries in Central Europe.

Nidec ASI was asked to supply 13 medium-voltage asynchronous motors. The new Nidec motors, model ET 900 V2, will have a nominal power of 3600kW, a 20% increase over the current infrastructure motors. They will be destined for the Italian oil pumping stations in Trieste, Cavazzo, and Paluzza.

Nidec was able to meet the stringent technical requirements of the TAL group and the oil industry, which demand high levels of efficiency, low starting current, high adaptability and resistance to operating temperatures, power factor optimisation and a significant vibration reduction.

The motors are scheduled to be installed during this year. This phase, which involves working closely with the pump OEM and the TAL Group's operations functions, will be speeded up by adapting the motor's dimensions in the onshore placement and all the machine's power interfaces.

"We are enthusiastic to have signed an agreement to supply our engines for a strategic infrastructure that will continue to play such a key role in the distribution of hydrocarbons on the European continent," said Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI. "We have been chosen for the added value of our technologies, which will ensure the efficiency of the pipeline's pumping centres by increasing the availability and cost-effectiveness of the energy as well as improving the safety of the oil plants."