01 May 2024

Flexible Configurated Extruder Motor Delivered Within Two Weeks

A PETROCHEMICAL PLANT operator urgently needed to replace a failed extruder motor featuring 6MW rated power, a 10kV nominal voltage, and requiring >57kNm nominal torque. Originally, the extruder was driven by a squirrel-cage motor. However, a motor with similar design parameters was not readily available on the market.

Fortunately, Menzel Elektromotoren was able to offer a suitable threephase slip ring motor. The slip ring motor design also offered significant advantages for the target application, driving an extruder, as it provides the required full torque from standstill.

MENZEL was able to quickly procure a starter for the slip ring motor and implement all necessary modifications in-house. Thanks to a delivery time of only two weeks, the customer restarted the extruder system as soon as possible.

MENZEL’s modular MEBSSL motor series is designed to enable flexible configuration for various applications and conditions. One of the most timeconsuming jobs, in the case of this extruder application, was fitting a bushing in the customer’s coupling hub and machining it from a diameter of 280mm to 240mm. In addition, MENZEL manufactured adapter plates for the motor to adjust the shaft height from 800mm to the failed motor centre height of 900mm. The replacement motor is designed with protection class IP55 and cooling type IC 611 with an air-to-air heat exchanger.

After the electric motor had undergone final tests in its Berlin test facility, MENZEL’s motor experts also accompanied the commissioning of the extruder drive. The motor was aligned, wired and successfully commissioned on site.