01 May 2024

All New Automatic Electric Motor Analyser

WHITELEGG MACHINES HAS launched a new automatic motor analyser as part of its range of electrical testing equipment.

According to the company, the MTC2-R7 offers unmatched test speeds and precision, featuring allnew measuring hardware, operator software, and an ergonomic housing.

The latest technology has been applied to extend the capabilities of desktop electric motor analysers. Newly patented test functions add real benefit to both production and repair/maintenance environments, while many additional test functions can be added to extend the capacity. Different housings are available to suit mobile, workshop, automated installations, and production requirements. The latest hardware technologies, paired with state-of-the-art .NetCore software, significantly increase the accuracy of the individual test methods and measurement speeds.

Thanks to the newly patented peak-to-peak measurement method, unsurpassed and repeatable winding fault detection is possible. This method enables highly sensitive fault detection even in coils with very high numbers of windings connected in series or parallel.

Whitelegg also says the device can perform the world's fastest partial discharge test via the optional 50Hz pulse frequency feature. While sense of rotation is built in as standard, simply requiring an optional probe. With all connections easily reachable and a large, bright, full HD15.6in touchscreen display, the tester is so easy to use and program that new users can be taught in minutes.