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By clicking on the searches below, you will be presented with a list with the required specialist pump services. Most of our members are able to obtain and supply a complete range of pumps from the smallest centrifugal pump to the largest industrial pumps used in many power stations and the water industry.

When you consider that the majority of industrial pumps are driven by an electric motor, which may be integral to the pump, It is not surprising that AEMT members make up the largest group of companies repairing pumps for industry, oil and chemical companies and the utililities, This includes the main area of distribution of clean water and the treatment of waste water.

In the following sections we have listed the facilities that members offer when handling pump repairs in the UK and internationally.

Site work

The majority of members repairing pumps have the facilities to remove and replace pumps for maintenance and repair. Many of them have engineers trained to work on waste water sites. This often requires engineers trained to work on Hazardous Area Equipment, and many have been trained by the AEMT on Hazardous Area Repairs.

Engineers also need to have training for working in confined spaces, for pumps fitted in sumps and confined areas.

Pump Site Work Specialists

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is particularly important to get the best out of a valuable asset. Members have the training and equipment to carry out Vibration Analysis. This helps to discover whether the pumps are running out of balance and need to be removed to rebalance the impellor, it also highlights whether the bearings of the pump and motor are working reliably. Thermography is used to see if the pump motors are running hot, or appear to be overloaded, whether their bearings are heating up and due to fail, and whether there are dry joints on the switchgear and electrical connections. Lubrication Oil Analysis can be important particularly if gearboxes are involved. Members are also able to look at the operation of low voltage and High voltage machines to see if there is any deterioration in the insulation and efficiency of the pump motor.

Condition monitoring is invaluable to ensure that the plant runs efficiently helping to avoid expensive unplanned repairs, and downtime. It enables preventative maintenance to be planned, and by looking at the condition of their equipment builds up a picture for predictive maintenance.

Pump Condition Monitoring Specialists

Impellor Balancing

Many members have very good mechanical engineering departments. As well as being able to refurbish worn components, they also have very good balancing facilities in their workshops.

Pump Impellor Balancing Specialists


By using condition monitoring with a planned maintenance schedule the plant can be run at its optimum. Through an analysis of how the plant is running the companies are also able to see whether pumps are working efficiently, or whether the performance and/or efficiency can be improved by fitting an inverter drive, looking at the motor efficiency, matching up the impellor to the requirements, ensuring the units are correctly balanced.

Surface Coating

The efficiency of many pumps can be improved by surface coating, and many members offer coatings such as Belzona, which can improve the efficient flow of fluids and ensure that any corrosion can be avoided.


Pressure testing, submerge testing as well as flow tests and comparison with flow charts.

Pump Testing Specialists

One Stop Shop

Most members are specialists in the repair and maintenance of the motor as well as the pump, which can be a great benefit. After repair members shown have the facilities to carry out Pressure testing, submerged tests, as well as flow tests and comparison with flow charts.

Pump Hire

There are also some members who offer the complete service and have a large stock of pumps including submersible pumps for hire, as well as any supporting equipment and piping which may be required. Most of the members listed in the database are also able to supply the complete range of pumps, from the smallest centrifugal pump to the largest industrial pumps for power stations and the water industry.

Pump Hire Specialists