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28 September 2018
Central Group Launches Online Shop
Knowsley based Central Group has launched the first phase of its new online shop in a move to both expand its customer base and bolster its digital presence.
The family owned engineering business, which specialises in the sale and service of rotating machinery and associated control, has launched the new facility in response to the rapid and continuing growth of e-commerce and hopes to provide customers with a positive online experience. 

The new shop has been launched on the company’s existing website,, and currently focuses on the sale of ABB drives, providing existing and new customers with easier access to an extensive range of drive products and spares, backed up with Central’s expert customer service. 

Additional product lines, including Siemens motors, will be added to the shop in the next phase of development. 

Says Shaun Sutton, Director and Co-owner of Central Group: “The new online shop is an excellent addition to the company as it will allow us to reach a much wider scope of customer.  We already offer a 24/7 rapid response call out service, but there are literally no limits to the internet reach of an e-commerce platform, both in terms of opening hours and geographical reach.  

“Over the past 12 months we have monitored the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector and felt it was the right time to enter the field.  We’ve taken great care to make sure our user experience is one which is not only attractive and easy to navigate but also credible, trustworthy and one which customers will return to time and time again.”

Central Group hopes to attract and interact with new customers from a much wider geographical area, who will benefit from the ease of use and quick response that comes with the online shop.  The shop has the function to process credit card payments together with additional online processors such as PayPal.   

Central hopes to diversify and expand the shop with the aim of launching the second phase in Spring 2019. 

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News: Central Group Launches Online Shop