24 Oct 2021


JJ LOUGHRAN HAS RECENTLY upgraded its repair workshop burn-off oven to a new Rotary Engineering unit, designed specifically for the electric motor repair industry.

With an internal volume of 10m 3 , the new oven will enable JJ Loughran to more than double its rewinding capability.

The burn-off oven cleans motors and their parts through a process known as pyrolysis – which sees parts heated in a controlled manner to burn off the insulation, resins, paint and other contaminants but leaving the motor stator undamaged.

The high-temperature burn-off oven can operate up to 400°C to safely burn off old insulations before a full motor rewind. A correctly controlled burnoff process eliminates damage to the stator during the repair. A water injection system regulates oven temperature if 'runaway' conditions occur, with a 450°C ultimate safety cut out.

To meet regulatory, and JJ Loughran's internal environmental standards, the burn-off oven provided includes an afterburner chamber, which operates in excess of 850°C to convert the output from the main chamber into carbon dioxide and water vapour.