28 Apr 2022

Quartzelec To Supply American Chemical Plant

Following and extended tendering process, Quartzelec’s Rugby Rotating Machine Services business has been awarded a contract to manufacture and supply a spare main loop compressor motor for a chemical plant in the USA.

The new machine is from the company’s UNIPAK ‘heritage’ range of cage induction motors, rated at 7,000HP, on frame size CC710U2000 and will run on the local industrial 13.2kV, 60Hz supply.

The motor is required to be air-cooled via a NEMA WP-II enclosure with side-mounted filtration units fitted to reduce the ingress of any small particles into the motor’s internal air circuit.

The design engineers based in Rugby, UK, have extensive experience in enhancing, updating and modifying original machine specifications and, for this particular machine, were able to update and adapt the air-filter design allowing the filters to be easily removed and replaced whilst the motor is in operation – which will result in significantly reduced downtime and lower ongoing maintenance costs for the client.

The compressor motor build is in progress, with the delivery of the new motor scheduled later this year