26 Oct 2023

Pump Ensures Peak Performance

SNOZONE MILTON KEYNES is Europe’s largest indoor snow resort, boasting an impressive 170m long real snow ski slope that was the first of its kind in the UK when it opened its doors in 2000.

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The award-winning resort is located inside the Xscape Centre, a large leisure destination home to a huge variety of activities and entertainment venues, shops and restaurants, a trampoline park, and a 16-screen cinema, joining other sister snowsports venues in Madrid and Yorkshire.

It is imperative that the snow inside the resort is always maintained at the correct temperature, with a sophisticated subsurface system used to prevent melting.

Beneath the surface of the snow are two centrifugal pumps, which operate 24/7 and usually alternate duty on a monthly basis. The pumps are used to circulate Glycol through coolers, which cool to around -15°C, then through a network of pipes buried beneath the snow. This draws any warmth from the snow to stop it from melting and ensures the surface remains at around -6°C. The return to the pumps is in the region of -10°C.

When one of the pumps failed and needed to be replaced, T-T Pumps was able to supply the ideal solution to ensure peak performance over the long term.

After carefully assessing the specifications and requirements needed to supply a suitable replacement for the existing pump, the company supplied a SAER IR80-200 O pump from the IR electric pump range, a close-coupled, surface-mounted centrifugal pump built to offer the highest output performance and efficiency.

Manufactured by SAER Elettropompe, the pump is constructed from cast iron and stainless steel for superior durability, coming complete with a 45kW, 2-pole, 400V/3Ph/50Hz IE3 electric motor, a DN100 horizontally flanged inlet connection, and a DN80 vertically flanged discharge connection.

Since installing the new pump, it has been working continuously for over 400 days, showcasing the superior performance and reliability offered by SAER products, for which T-T Pumps is the UK’s sole distributor.