30 Jan 2024

Optimised Hairpin Stators For The Automotive Sector

IN A COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH project with Ford Motor Company, 3D printed motor specialist, Additive Drives has optimised a hairpin stator to achieve higher efficiency and better packaging by combining a constant cross-section, variable profile hairpin conductors and the company’s optimised manufacturing technologies.

The project has improved the motor’s end-turn winding, reducing the length by 25% and the resistance by 18%.

PEEK insulation has also been used BEARINGS & DRIVES RECENTLY took delivery of the first batch of bearings from CeramicSpeed, for retrofitting tinto fan motors in wind turbines. The contract is part of a collaboration between Bearings & Drives, Creadis Wind Solutions, CeramicSpeed and rewind and mechanical repair company Fletcher Moorland. Motors that require repairing by Creadis Wind Solutions – an engineering service provider in the wind energy sector – will now be fitted with CeramicSpeed to avoid effects such as partial discharge and to ensure durability. The material has excellent dielectric behaviour, high abrasion resistance and good chemical compatibility with the transmission fluid. Since the end of the project, Additive Drives has developed other thin film insulation systems with high performance materials.

The production of the stators is carried out quickly and without tooling costs, which can make the development of new electric motors simpler.

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