26 Oct 2022

Long Life Motors for Pectin Plant

Brazil has stood out on the global market for the manufacture of pectin, a soluble fibre obtained from citrus fruits, such as orange peel, widely used in the production of dairy products and confectionery, such as jellies, ice cream, yoghurts and juices.

Located in the City of Bebedouro, São Paulo State, a new pectin manufacturing plant is the first one Cargill has built out of Europe, with its products targeting markets such as Asia and South America.

The new factory employs WEG motors from the W22 WELL (WEG Extra Long Life) line throughout the plant, with compliance to the American standard IEEE841 being a particular advantage. It guarantees greater reliability, better corrosion resistance and extended service life, both for safe and hazardous areas.

288 WEG motors are used in several applications at the plant, such as pumps, fans, exhausters, conveyors, stirrers and mixers.Easy installation, low vibration levels and high mechanical precision make the motors from the WELL line highly suitable for the food industry, in addition to having a painting scheme to withstand the corrosive environment produced by pectin.

The plant has also employed two 1316 hp W60 motors. With a compact, lightweight and modular design, these motors are suitable for industrial applications such as compressors, pumps and fans.