02 Feb 2023

Electrical Testing Capabilities Strengthened

Houghton International’s electrical testing capabilities have been strengthened with the purchase of new Omicron test equipment to complement its existing range of insulation quality analysers.

The new tester units – a CPC 80 control unit and CP TD12/15, a 15kV high voltage source and MPD 800 partial discharge management analyser – form a modular testing system that will bolster Houghton International’s testing capabilities both inhouse and on-site. The equipment provides partial discharge (PD) and capacitance and power/dissipation factor (tan delta) testing for high voltage electrical equipment such as motors, generators and HV coils, and its modular design makes it compact and portable – ideal for site work and areas with limited space.

The system uses software to provide sensitive and precise PD, capacitance and tan delta measurements for reliable, accurate dielectric condition monitoring. The testers are designed to improve efficiency and make test processes quicker with automated testing procedures and built-in presets, while automatic noise suppression provides reliable results even under extreme conditions.

Furthermore, the system has been produced with safety in mind, minimising risk when working with high voltages. IEC and IEEE standards are built-in to ensure compliance.