30 Jan 2024

Ceramic Bearings for Wind Turbine Project

BEARINGS & DRIVES RECENTLY took delivery of the first batch of bearings from CeramicSpeed, for retrofitting tinto fan motors in wind turbines.

The contract is part of a collaboration between Bearings & Drives, Creadis Wind Solutions, CeramicSpeed and rewind and mechanical repair company Fletcher Moorland.

Motors that require repairing by Creadis Wind Solutions – an engineering service provider in the wind energy sector – will now be fitted with CeramicSpeed bearings supplied by Bearings & Drives with a special high-temperature cage and high-temperature grease to complement the ceramic rolling elements.

Steve Bacon, Bearings & Drives Sales Director, commented: “Our company will be supplying the products, and we chose to partner with another locally based firm, Fletcher Moorland, based in Stoke-on-Trent, to service and repair the units, rather than sending the units back to Denmark, thereby supporting both regional business and the environment.

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