28 Apr 2022

Brake Motor Upgrade

WEBB-ELEC was recently asked to engineer a brake motor upgrade solution for a customer who had issues with brake motors that were continually failing in production.

The motors were used in a brick packaging application. In this instance, the customer was suffering from premature brake failure with the existing brake motors. The fault was the same in all instances, with the brake coils being the point of failure. The customer called Webb-elec to discuss the problem, and the next day an engineer attended site and inspected the problematic motors as they ran through their full operation.

The engineer noted that the customer had increased its production rate and that the duty cycle of the existing brake unit was now far in excess of its designed operating window. Hence the brake was running very hot, resulting in the coil finally burning out.

The solution was to supply a new SEW Eurodrive unit. This is a brake motor complete with a force ventilation fan that would enable a constant stream of cooling air to keep the motor and brake unit cool during its operating cycle. This was not possible with the standard motor shaft-mounted fan due to the continual stop-starting action of the production process. In addition, the brake rectifier was reconnected to shorten the brake response time to ensure it was already released upon motor startup.