18 Jan 2019

AEMT Ex Course recognised by IECEx Training Provider Programme

After being scrutinised by the IECEx Recognised Training Partner Programme (RTPP) Review Panel the AEMT Ex Training course for the repair, overhaul and reclamation of hazardous area rotating equipment is now recognised as the 25th IECEx RTP in the world.

Ex Course taking place in the UK
Established in 2016, the IECEx RTPP currently consists of 25 international training organizations offering training courses for all aspects of hazardous area businesses. As well as offering fundamental training to Unit Ex 001. The AEMT is one of very few in the world who covers the repair, overhaul and reclamation aspects of the field, Unit Ex 005.

Dr. Martin Killeen, lead lecturer for the AEMT, has been part of the AEMT Ex courses for over 20 years, giving him an understanding of the content that is second to none.
He comments, “this is a terrific achievement, and bodes very well for the future of the course. In international markets, this will make a big difference as more and more engineers endeavour to complete the IECEx CoPC scheme.”

All aspects and elements of the IECEx RTPP are defined in the Operational Document (OD) 521. As with all IECEx documents, this paper can be downloaded 24/7 and free of charge from the IECEx homepage. It contains a framework based on the following elements: 
  1. Proposition that an independent and voluntary assessment programme will enable employers to evaluate merits of their staff’s training and education.
  2. Adequacy and consistency of Ex training at national and international levels can be ensured.
  3. Assurance that training is being provided with linkages to the latest versions of relevant Ex Rules and Standards.
As an IECEx RTP the AEMT is able to demonstrate a capability and history of providing training to technical orientated persons in Ex repairs and the IEC 60079 series of standards.

The AEMT offers regular training courses in the UK, South East Asia and the Middle East as well as several other locations across the globe. 

Thomas Marks, Secretary of the association, comments, “To be recognised by the IECEx RTP programme compliments the Continual Professional Development (CPD) recognition the course received earlier in 2018. It now means companies looking to train their staff can be confident in knowing they are using one of the very best providers of this training course around the world!”

For more information about the AEMT Ex course on the repair overhaul and reclamation of hazardous area rotating electrical equipment, visit the training webpage.

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