25 Apr 2023

4.5 MW 11 KV Replacement Motor Ready in Three Weeks

MENZEL ELEKTROMOTOREN has created a replacement motor for one of India’s largest industrial and medical gas manufacturers. When a large compressor motor failed, causing production losses, Menzel adapted a stock motor, ready for shipping, within three weeks of receiving the order.

The family-run German company ensured smooth commissioning through various steps. Works included electrical reconnecting of the motor windings to meet the required voltage level and starting properties, manufacturing a special tapered shaft end for shrink fit, and drilling new foot mounting holes.

Menzel maintains an extensive stock of large industrial motors, including several own motor series with very good power densities and long lifespans. In this case, the manufacturer supplied a squirrel cage induction motor from its MEBKSW series, with the same characteristics as the failed motor – a 630mm frame size, 4.5MW nominal power, and 11kV nominal voltage. The motor has IP55 protection and features totally enclosed water-to-air cooling (TEWAC/ cooling type IC 81W).

The final thorough motor checks in Menzel’s in-house test field were attended by the customer’s test engineer, who satisfied himself that the motor was in full working order.