Talking Industry: How does efficiency and sustainability affect your bottom line?

Talking Industry: How does efficiency and sustainability affect your bottom line?

Efficiency and sustainability practices are pivotal for the success of manufacturing, especially in SMEs. Optimising processes through advanced technologies and automation not only enhances productivity but also drives down costs, directly influencing the bottom line. Sustainable practices, from resource-efficient production to waste reduction, resonate with environmentally-conscious customers and confirm to increasingly stringent regulations.

Cutting-edge methodologies can simultaneously elevate operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, propelling manufacturing enterprises towards a future where economic success converges with ecological stewardship, ensuring long-term profitability and resilience.

Joining this transformative journey is not just a professional choice but a commitment to shaping the future of manufacturing, both locally in the UK and globally.

Join Talking Industry along with efficiency sustainability experts, as Andy Pye discusses with them the pros and cons of adopting a sustainable approach to manufacturing. How can this have a positive impact on your businesses bottom line and the planet? Amongst these will be Sarah Black-Smith, General Manager Motion Control & Sustainability Lead, Siemens Digital Industries, is a passionate and active promoter for enhancing the productivity of UK Manufacturers; and having spent over three decades espousing the benefits of variable speed drives and automation.

Gareth Jones has spent more than 30 years working in Variable Speed Drives and Automation. Prior to joining ABB in 2022 as Local Division Manager for Drives, he held senior roles at Control Techniques. Gareth now manages ABB’s portfolio of drive products in the UK, including low voltage and medium voltage drives. As well as holding a BEng in electrical and electronic engineering, along with an MBA, Gareth is also a Chartered Engineer.

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