Ex Repair Training

Ex Repair Training

We specialise on Units Ex 005 of the IECEx Recognised Training Provider Programme (RTPP). This focuses on the IEC BS EN 60079-19 standard on repair, overhaul and reclamation of Ex equipment.

The aims of the course are to give delegates a thorough knowledge of how the different protection concepts and standards should be used when overhauling, repairing, or reclaiming Ex equipment suitable for each zoned area.

Course content includes: 
  • Ignition sources in flammable gases, vapours and dusts

  • Principles of Ex protection for gas and dust
  • Temperature classification and groups of apparatus
  • Certification, standards and marking
  • Requirements and procedures of ATEX, DSEAR and relevant standards such as BS EN IEC 60079-19
  • Principles of protection concepts of:
  • Ex d (Flameproof)​, Ex e (Increased Safety), Ex nA (Incendive sparking), Ex tD (Dust)
  • Other methods such as Ex p, Ex o, Ex i, Ex m, Ex q, Ex s, etc.
  • Mechanical protection concepts: Ex h incorporating  "c" constructional safety, "k" liquid immersion
  • Health and Safety aspects including “Certificates of Safety” relating to the actual equipment being received.
  • Best Workshop Practice: including the procedures that should be in place to repair Ex equipment.
  • Procedures to be used on receipt of the apparatus.
  • Dismantling: Recording Motor, Pump, apparatus details.  Customer information. Dismantling procedures.
  • Initial inspection and measurements
  • Overhaul and Recovery
  • Testing

All delegates are assessed throughout the course with multiple choice questions, including diagrams, drawings and photographs. An AEMT Certificate of Assessment is issued to all successful delegates.

Technicians need to attend an Ex Repair Refresher every three years to update them on any changes to the standards. They also have a comprehensive re-assessment of their ability and knowledge before issuing an updated certificate, which forms part of their overall competency record.