Ex Repair Training

Ex Repair Training

We specialise on Units Ex 005 of the IECEx Recognised Training Provider Programme (RTPP). This focuses on the IEC BS EN 60079-19 standard on repair, overhaul and reclamation of Ex equipment.

The aims of the course are to give delegates a thorough knowledge of how the different protection concepts and standards should be used when overhauling, repairing, or reclaiming Ex equipment suitable for each zoned area.

Course content includes: 

Day 1 “Principles of protection in Explosive atmospheres"  which focuses on Protection concepts and how they work,  Hazards, Standards, Certificates, Temperature classes and Zones, ATEX & IECEx, regular debates and question and answer sessions followed by a written assessment 

Day 2 "Hands on Theory & Practical" all information gained from Day 1 will be used to help delegates navigate Day 2 where they get hands on with the equipment, identification, calculation, measurements, finding the correct standards, reports and repair sheets will all be part of this practical day of training and assessment

Day 3 "IEC 60079-19 Ex Equipment, Repair overhaul and reclamation" the final day of the course is focused on the international repair standard, the requirements, and the requirements of many other standards mentioned, we look at reclamation techniques, testing, documentation, responsibilities, definitions and general good practice, again debates and Q&A sessions happen throughout the day with ends with a final assessment.


All delegates are assessed throughout the course with multiple choice questions, including diagrams, drawings and photographs. An AEMT Certificate of Assessment is issued to all successful delegates.

Technicians should attend an AEMT Ex Repair course every three years to update them on any changes to the standards. They also have a comprehensive re-assessment of their ability and knowledge before issuing an updated certificate, which forms part of their overall competency record.