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Condition Monitoring Engineers

As companies become more aware of the savings that can be achieved by regular monitoring of the condition of their plant and equipment, more AEMT members have offered the services as a key part of their maintenance programs, leading to greater efficiency and higher reliability. The cost of using a condition monitoring engineer more than pays for itself, with savings in inventories, running costs and unplanned downtime costs.

Vibration Analysis

This helps to pinpoint equipment running out of balance, or with a vibration problem. Any imbalance could be caused by bearing wear, worn impellors in pumps, damaged fans, or misalignment. The plant will probably become noisier than it should be and possibly hotter than normal, both of which will signal premature failure. By using vibration analysis on key items of plant, any deterioration can be recorded and maintained and planned before a major failure occurs, this may include changing the bearings or balancing an impellor.

Vibration Analysis Engineers


Thermography is used to see if motors, pumps, compressors etc. are running hot. This could signify that the equipment is overloaded, and using more power than it should, or that bearings are heating up and about to fail. Anything running at a higher temperature than normal can have its working life reduced by more than half, due to a reduction in bearing life, and/or insulation life.

Thermography is also used to find dry joints in switchgear and control gear, and problems in transformers. Thermography also has a multitude of uses outside the power equipment arena, and is used to check heat loss from buildings, industrial pipes,  ship engine rooms etc. Images can be stored to show any changes in heat patterns of critical machinery over a period of time.

Thermography Engineers

Lubrication Analysis Oil

This is widely used to look at the lubrication fluid in large gearboxes, and other equipment. Any deterioration of the oil properties or build up of contaminants will signify the need for planned maintenance before the equipment fails.

Oil Analysis Engineers

Condition Monitoring of Low Voltage Motors

Perhaps the most common instrument taken on site to look at the health of electric motors, pump motors, compressor motors and fans, is the Baker Tester or similar devices. The range of surge testers, winding analysers, and on line monitors helps to monitor the condition of any motor/pump motor. The more sophisticated versions accurately measure voltage and current for speed and torque evaluation without disconnecting a motor/pump. Not only will this give an idea of a motors health, but can also evaluate potential energy savings.

LV Condition Monitoring Engineers

Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Motors and Generators

The monitoring of the residual life of large High Voltage motors and Power Generation Equipment is vital to ensure that maintenance is only carried out during a shut down period. Members who specialise in High Voltage Machines have the specialist equipment required for High Voltage Machine condition monitoring.

HV Condition Monitoring Engineers