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26 October 2021
Speedily adapted high-voltage extruder motor
WHEN LARGE MOTORS OPERATING AT HIGH OUTPUT fail, there can be long lead times for a replacement manufactured from scratch. Customised configuration of a suitable standard motor can offer an economical alternative.
This was the case for a petrochemical plant operator which urgently needed to replace a failed extruder motor featuring 6000kW rated power, 10kV nominal voltage, requiring >57kNm nominal torque. Originally, the extruder was driven by a squirrel-cage machine. However, a motor with similar design parameters was not readily available on the market.

Fortunately, Berlin-based Menzel Elektromotoren was able to provide a suitable three-phase slip ring motor. Its design also offered advantages for the application – driving an extruder – as it provides the required full torque from standstill.

Menzel was able to procure a starter for the slip ring motor as well as implement all necessary modifications in-house. Within two weeks, the customer was able to restart the extruder system.

The modular MEBSSL motor series is designed to enable flexible configuration for various applications and conditions. One of the most time-consuming jobs was fitting a bushing in the customer's coupling hub, machining it from a diameter of 280mm to 240mm. In addition, Menzel manufactured adapter plates to adjust the shaft height from 800mm to the failed motor center height of 900mm. The replacement motor is designed with protection class IP55 and cooling type IC 611 with an air-to-air heat exchanger.

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News: Speedily adapted high-voltage extruder motor