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17 June 2019
Rotamec offers flexible machining service for engineered products
Rotamec, is now offering a machining capacity to its customers. The CNC and manual machines are available to refurbish or manufacture new components in any quantity from single pieces to batch runs of thousands. The machining service has been tailored to provide fast turnaround for operators of motors, gearboxes, pumps and other engineered equipment.
Managing Director, Simon Brooks, explains: "Our machining services include CNC punching, forming, milling and turning; with welding, cutting, plating, painting, mechanical and electrical assembly also available. This allows us to offer refurbishment or reverse engineering of parts as is required.
"Our team of passionate engineers ensures high quality machined products every time. We continually invest in our engineering team as we believe it helps to deliver the best possible service to our customers."
A wide-ranging machine capability and capacity is all important in meeting varied customer requirements, which is why Rotamec operates a wide range of CNC and manual mills and lathes. A 24/7, 365 days a year service also delivers high responsiveness for unplanned maintenance work.
CAD drawings can be directly uploaded to machine complex shapes with high accuracy, with all drawings filed for easy access if a repeat order is required. Access to manual machines ensures that larger or obsolete components can be rejuvenated with fast set up times. This allows Rotamec to deliver either singular or batch machined components on similarly reduced lead times.
Welding is carried out to code via fully qualified procedures, promoting reliability and suitability for application. Furthermore, non-destructive testing is available in-house to prove component performance in the real world. Detailed inspections are carried out on every component to ensure quality.
An area of expertise for Rotamec is the refurbishment of large conveyor rollers, spanning from complete replacement to repairing singular journals. Techniques such as metal spraying can bring back shaft journals to original diameters, further optimised through precise machining to stringent tolerances. Mechanical seal journals can also be repaired, while bearing housings can be replaced fully.
To secure uptime for engineered equipment, speed of response and flexibility of service is all important. With its expert engineers, varied machining capability and 24/7 approach, Rotamec can provide machined components quickly - maximising reliability and profitability.
Unit 4 Labourham Farm Draycott Road, Cheddar, BS27 3RP, England
01934 743165
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News: Rotamec offers flexible machining service for engineered products