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29 April 2022
Retrofit Keeps Textile Firm's Mangle Operational
A customer in the textile industry called on the Westin Drives team to work on a mangle.

The mangle was powered by a 40+-year-old 9.5kW Elektra-Faurndau variable speed brushed AC motor direct coupled to a W.Bothner & Co gearbox. The motor's commutator had failed badly, resulting in the speed not varying as it should. 

Whilst this would have been repairable, it would not have been a quick task, and the machine would have had to be offline whilst the motor was in the workshop.

A retrofit solution was opted for to minimise downtime, and the Westin Drives team assembled a WEG 5.5kW IE3 motor with Force vent kit and a Radicon K-Series Helical Bevel gearbox. To vary the speed, a WEG CFW500 IP66 inverter was used and controlled from a potentiometer on a dancing arm which created a very efficient system.

The shaft centre height was maintained, so no significant modifications were required other than the existing coupling being machined to suit the new shaft and four new holes added for the feet. 

With the mangle back in operation and with the benefit of time, the old unit will now be repaired as a spare for another machine.

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News: Retrofit Keeps Textile Firm's Mangle Operational