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25 October 2021
QUARTZELEC has signed a partnership agreement with automated AI-based predictive maintenance solutions specialist NanoPrecise. Complementing its LIFEVIEW suite of partial discharge (PD) monitoring solutions and the popular Motion Amplification surveys, the NanoPrecise range of wireless, non-intrusive and scalable technologies will further enhance the company's market and machine monitoring presence in the global industry and infrastructure markets.
NanoPrecise offers an AI + IoT based analytics approach using Machine Doctor sensors & Rotation LF software that diagnoses machine health by recording the real-time RPM, sound, vibration, temperature, humidity, magnetic flux, and other key parameters to detect anomalies in near real-time, to predict the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of machine components. The system empowers users/ operators to carefully manage operational decisions that may cause major damage or unplanned downtime.

"Asset breakdowns can happen without warning, and the challenge has always been to spot the signs early enough to schedule repairs," said Paul Oliver, Business Manager of Quartzelec's Aberdeen-based operations. "LIFEVIEW is a key component in reducing total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a machine and an integral element of any reliability centred maintenance (RCM) and repair strategy. By focusing on early detection solutions, our customers can cost-effectively implement preventative maintenance and avoid costly machine failures. Having the luxury of further enhancing our offering to include additional monitoring solutions that complement our PD and wider condition monitoring solutions should create a formidable, compelling, and cost-effective package of solutions."
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19 January 2023
Against a backdrop of increasing energy costs, significant savings can be made by upgrading old motors to more efficient modern alternatives. However, simply swapping a motor for a modern equivalent is not always practical or even possible. With this in mind, Thomas Marks, General Manager and Secretary at the Association for Electrical and Mechanical Trades, looks at how a motor's efficiency can be improved as part of a repair or refurbishment and highlights some things you should consider.
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Where safety and compliance in hazardous environments are concerned, there are a lot of acronyms relating to standards, directives, and regulations. To those unfamiliar with how the whole legislative landscape operates, it can easily and quickly become confusing. To help tackle the minefield, safety compliance expert and AEMT lecturer, Peter Rawlinson, looks at the key requirements you may come across concerning hazardous environments, what they cover and how they relate to each other.
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The Winners of the 2022 AEMT Awards were announced during a Gala Presentation Ceremony in Coventry on Thursday 17th November. With a near record attendance, from right across the electrical and mechanical trades arena, the evening once again proved to be a wonderful evening of reward and celebration. Following the success of the previous four years, there was a good deal of excitement and anticipation ahead of the event with attendees eager to unite and engage with their colleagues and peers.

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