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29 October 2020
Member’s Profiles on
Changes to the way we promote your membership profiles on the AEMT website.

You may not notice a huge difference to your member profiles on the AEMT website, however a lot has happened on the backend of the system.

Firstly we have sifted through all our data, sorted, categorised and updated your organisation profiles where we can.

We have overhauled the ‘tags’ associated with your service centres, so they are more easily searched through

And then we uploaded all this data to our new contact relationship management (CRM) system, which is provided by Eudonet.

In November 2020 we recruited a membership outreach company to update all these records with our members, and ensure that any errors with the data transfer are cleaned up.

Finally, all this data will be beamed straight onto the AEMT website, where your profiles will be seen live and ready for the new year.

UPDATE 2021: This project is still ongoing, with the aim to go live with the new profiles in the first quarter of 2021. To view profiles on our testing site, please visit: or

What do the profiles show now?

All your usual contact details, including:

  • Organisation address
  • General telephone number
  • Website
  • Profile text
  • Certificates
  • Approved repairer and distributor brands.
  • Your news, published via the AEMT.
  • Map/Location
  • Contact form (using your general email address)
  • Contact detail cards of your sales representative, works manager, etc. (only available to approved users of the website)

The tags list have been updated to show

  • Environmental Issues (such as ISO 14001, energy surveys and responsible waste recycling)
  • Products for sale
  • In house services
  • Site services offered

A lot of the old tags have been re-organised and updated to represent your services centre more accurately. For instance, we now have tags for lifting capacity, and burn out ovens. To see a full list of the tags which can be associated with your service centre please see this list.

HQs, Branches and Affiliations

A new section of the profile page now lists the service centres connections. It will list the head office, if a branch. The head office now lists all branches of your company. And if you share your membership with a sister organisation, you can now be affiliated with them in your member profile also.

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29 November 2021
The Winners of the 2021 AEMT Awards were announced during a Gala Presentation Ceremony in Coventry on Thursday 18th November. Attended by some two hundred people from across the electrical and mechanical trades arena, the evening once again proved to be a wonderful evening of reward and celebration. Having been postponed from its original 2020 dateline due the pandemic, there was a great deal of anticipation ahead of the event with all attendees eager to reunite and re-engage with their colleague and peers.
26 October 2021
Whether you are looking to replace or repair a motor, when talking to your supplier or service provider, it is important to give them accurate details of the motor you currently have. The most relevant information should be recorded on the motor's nameplate. To help users understand the information on their motor nameplates, Karl Metcalfe, Technical Support at the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades, explains what key elements mean.
25 October 2021
Having been forced to withdraw from staging its annual awards dinner and presentation ceremony last year due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the AEMT is looking forward to its return on the evening of Thursday, November 18 2021.

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