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15 December 2020
Megger appoints PAR Insulation & Wires as UK & Ireland distributor
Megger Ltd are pleased to announce that PAR Insulation & Wires Ltd have been appointed as UK & Ireland distributor, covering the Megger Baker range of motor testing equipment.

Mike Herring, Megger Baker’s Regional Sales manager said “We welcome PAR to the Baker team, and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.   PAR are a leading supplier into the electric motor market, and a logical choice for us to better serve that market.

Paul Hirst, Commercial Director at PAR said ‘The Megger and Baker brands are synonymous in the electric motor industry with high quality test equipment.

P.A.R are excited to add another trusted global brand to our product portfolio and look forward to discussing the Megger Baker range with our customer in the near future’

Baker test units have been used within the UK electric motor industry for more than 35 years, helping companies to verify the integrity of the insulation systems within their motors, whether they are being overhauled, during the rewind process, or during the production phase for  new motors.       

The ‘Baker test’ is a common phrase used by Industry, when specifying what tests should be applied to their motors.    Whilst modern-day Baker units provide multiple tests within one portable unit, the term ‘Baker test’ really applies to the surge test – a test used to check the condition of the inter turn insulation.      A little-known law of Physics, Paschen’s law, explains that for voltage to jump across two conductors in air (think of an arc across turns within a motor), a potential difference of at least 335 volts between the conductors is required.  When applying this law to a motor test, it means that if you do not create such a potential difference, you will never be able to detect turn to turn insulation weakness. Whilst the commonly used winding resistance and Megohm tests play an important role in motor testing, they do not generate any potential difference, and this means that motors can be sent out with developing faults, which will eventually cause the motor to fail during operation, and a likely claim from your customer.

The surge test provides the capability to detect weak turn insulation, as well as detecting winding issues such as a reversed phase.

Whether you want to learn more about Megger Baker motor testing capabilities, need technical training on how to best test your critical motors, or even support for your existing Baker unit, please contact us:-

PAR Insulation & Wires                Paul Hirst            Tel: 01246 261828

Megger Baker                                  Mike Herring      Tel: 0779-5052458

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News: Megger appoints PAR Insulation & Wires as UK & Ireland distributor