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26 October 2021
Dry transformers enable production capacity expansion
Electrolux DO Brasil S.A is planning to expand its production capacity. For this to happen safely and effectively, the organisation has purchased two 34.5/11.9kV with 15MVA dry transformers from WEG to supply loads connected to more than ten transformers with a voltage class of 11.9kV, which are installed in the plant.
One reason for specifying these transformers was their IP54 rating which makes them suitable for installation in unprotected environments, helping to ensure low installation costs and greater ease of maintenance.

Additional benefits of the transformers, which encouraged the organisation to specify the WEG products, were that they help ensure manufacturing process reliability and benefit from energy cost savings as well as power distribution consistency to avoid voltage peaks caused by the 11.9kV local network power supply.

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News: Dry transformers enable production capacity expansion