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16 March 2021
AEMT’s Online Ex Training Hits the Mark
The challenges of Covid-19 are affecting every business and where possible, some aspects have been transferred to an online setting. Professional training remains as important as ever and the AEMT has developed online courses that enable delegates to complete training on Ex-rated equipment to acquire or renew certification.

All staff involved in the repair, overhaul or reclamation of Ex equipment such as motors, pumps or gearboxes should be properly trained for these tasks and periodically, this training needs to be refreshed. Of course, certain elements of this training will require hands-on practice and participants will be expected to successfully accomplish a practical test as well.

Depending on their role in the organisation, staff need to understand the correct procedures and practices for the repair of explosion protected equipment. This is essential to ensure the original certifications are maintained as well as compliance with legal and health and safety requirements.

To ensure continued professional development in these challenging times, the AEMT offers ATEX training courses, recognised by the IECEx, for managers and staff involved directly in the repair and maintenance of equipment used in zoned areas.

Online courses are modular, allowing delegates to select the most appropriate courses for their needs. Module 1 covers the basics of Ex including, Zones, Categories, Protection concepts, markings, standards and certificates. Module 2 is the hands-on course, which focuses on the repair, overhaul and reclamation of Ex equipment using 60079-19 as the guideline. The module takes delegates through measuring and calculating an Ex d machine’s enclosure, good practise for repairers and end users. Module 3 is a refresher course for those that require a 3-year assessment to update their current certification.

The practical aspect to the training is very important, and AEMT trainers have developed the online course so that it delivers not only the practical training, but also the required assessment. For example, delegates can watch a demonstration video that shows them, step-by-step, how to determine the volume of an Ex d machine. They can then practice the procedures in their own time until they feel confident enough to take the assessment.

Throughout the training courses, delegates have full interaction with the trainer and they are assessed on their progress with multiple-choice questions. The final assessment is a one-on-one format with coaching from the lecturer on any areas of difficulty.

Feedback on these training courses has been very positive, "The online AEMT Ex Training is the best course I have participated in since I started working in 1991." comments Ramiro Pinto, EFACEC.

Kevin Price of WEG added: “I found it to be very interesting and worthwhile, also it was great for me that the course was online. I understand that due to the Covid pandemic, we had no choice but to do an online course, but just a thought that this course could be made permanent in the future."

Meanwhile, Carl Barnes from Hayley 247 explained: Myself and AJ both thoroughly enjoyed the course. We felt that both instructors demonstrated in-depth knowledge and were really helpful with any questions we had. We were both a little anxious about the course being online, but we were both very impressed with the level of teaching and we both came away from the four days feeling well prepared to repair ATEX units. All in all, we would highly recommend the course!"

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News: AEMT’s Online Ex Training Hits the Mark