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28 June 2018
AEMT Hazardous Area Equipment Repair Course now recognised by Continual Professional Development (CPD) Scheme.
Ex Hazardous Area engineering courses run by the AEMT around the world are now accredited by CPD certification services. CPD (standing for Continuous Professional Development) are one of the largest international accreditation companies.
Hazardous Area (Ex) engineering training courses run around the world by the AEMT have been certifie
The AEMT runs three modules of Ex training; theory, hands-on and refresher. These are put on multiple times each year in locations across the globe, most often in the UK, Middle East and South East Asia. In total, they are attended by representatives from over 250 different companies annually. The AEMT is recognised as having trained personnel from 86 per cent of the IEC Ex certified service centres in these regions. 

Continuing Professional Development helps individuals to become more competent and effective by increasing their confidence and overall capabilities. This enables them to adapt positively to change and to be more efficient in the development of career aspirations.

By teaming up with CPD, the AEMT has increased the recognition of their courses to a wider international market. This encourages a healthy learning culture, leading to a more fulfilled workforce and staff retention. 

The AEMT are experts in their field and by being registered users it can be guaranteed that their courses are high quality, time efficient and cover all the relevant aspects of the subject in hand.

The AEMT was established in 1945 to promote and support companies in the service and repair industries, both in the UK and overseas, which aspire to engineering excellence. Today, it represents companies which manufacture, distribute, install, service, maintain and repair industrial plant and equipment such as motors, drives, pumps, fans, gearboxes, generators, transformers and switchgear.

Many of the association’s members work with Hazardous Area equipment, so the course is designed to educated managers, supervisors, engineers and technicians of any company about the safety aspects of working with these specially designed machines. 
By training with the AEMT, individuals and organisations can comply with the requirements of relevant legislation such as ATEX, DSEAR and the Ex repair standard BS EN IEC 60079-19. The AEMT Ex Register promotes those member companies that can repair to BS EN IEC 60079-19 for hazardous area equipment.

AEMT Secretary Thomas Marks says: “Our Ex courses are recognised internationally for their technical excellence and delegate success rate, hence their popularity. The CPD certification is, on the one hand, a visible mark of the course’s quality and, on the other, builds on the personal development of the participating engineers and technicians.

“Now time spent on an AEMT Ex engineering course will be of double value as it will count towards each attendee’s continual professional development, as well as making them better engineers.”

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News: AEMT Hazardous Area Equipment Repair Course now recognised by Continual Professional Development (CPD) Scheme.