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The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Premium/IE3 Motor Efficiency

Based on a joint study by Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) of the United Kingdom and EASA, this publication concludes that using best repair/rewind practices maintains motor efficiency.

Good Practise Guide to Maintain Motor Efficiency

The purpose of this guide is to provide repair/rewind practices and tips that will help service centre technicians and motor winders maintain or increase the efficiency, reliability and quality of the motors they repair.

Eco Design Efficiency

In 2021, updated regulations governing the energy efficiency requirements of new electric motors were published. This guide explains the changes & implications for users.

Energy Campaign 

The AEMT’s Guide to reducing energy cost and consumption.

Electric Motor Market 

Interact Analysis provide an analysis of the current and future state of the Low Voltage AC Motor Market.

Ex Resources 

Resources and information on Ex equipment, maintenance, and repair.

General Engineering 

General engineering information and resources compiled by the AEMT.

AEMT Logo 

As a member of the AEMT, you are entitled to use our logo in your company communications and publication.

Technical Documents Library 

A wide range of PDFs including free technical papers and publications are available and are being added to all the time.