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Representational Services

Representational Services

The AEMT, through the President, Council and the Committees, provides visible leadership for the industry. It represents the industry with decision makers and opinion formers at a national, regional, and local level providing an informed voice on the industry.

The Association represents the members’ interests with the relevant government bodies particularly DEFRA, The Environment Agency, Department of Trade and Industry, Health and Safety Executive, etc. and liases with them.

Members have a direct voice at the area meetings or by phone, email, etc. to the President, and Council members to influence the AEMT’s policy and priorities.

The Association represents the members with major customers and users, and through contact with other Trade Associations.

External Standards committees;
The AEMT influences relevant standards with representations to British, European and International Standards Committees, and through contact with BSI, and other relevant bodies.

Liaison with Professional Bodies

The Association cooperates actively with professional institutions.

The Association Liases with other industrial organisations and associations.

International Liaison

There are also a growing number of international members, where our codes of practice and technical back up are seen as the mark of quality to be associated with. Many companies see our guidance and expertise in the repair of flameproof and explosion proof motors, and other apparatus, as essential.

We also maintain close ties with other overseas associations.

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