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Memberships & Subscriptions 2018

Full Membership

Full members of the AEMT are leading companies in the UK providing electrical and/or mechanical services to their customers.

They supply, install, maintain, service and repair, electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, fans, power generators, transformers, switchgear, and drives. This often includes the repair and maintenance of Hazardous Area Equipment.

Increasingly members are involved on site with the installation and total management of these assets, carrying out condition monitoring to improve predictive maintenance, and preventative maintenance. Most members have comprehensive mechanical facilities for material reclamation.

Number of company employees* Annual Subscription + VAT. New Members Joining Fee
1      -       9 £400.00 +VAT £80.00 +VAT
10    -    24 £595.00 +VAT £80.00 +VAT
25    -    49 £720.00 +VAT £80.00 +VAT
50    -    99 £940.00 +VAT £80.00 +VAT
100  -  249 £1520.00 +VAT £80.00 +VAT
250 + £2850.00 +VAT £80.00 +VAT

* Employees are defined as all operatives, and administrative personnel concerned with the repair or merchanting of industrial electrical or mechanical machinery, and equipment across all branches of the company.

Associate Membership

Associate members are companies, who supply new equipment, spares, and services to the Full Members, and International Members. They share all the benefits of full membership.

Associate Membership: Annual Subscription New Members Joining Fee
All Associate companies £625.00+VAT £80.00 +VAT

International membership

International membership is for any company not based in the UK, but falling into the above categories. They share all the benefits of Full Membership.

International membership: Annual Subscription New Members Joining Fee
Any size of company £400.00 £80.00

Hazardous Area Membership

This category is for companies who use Atex/UL equipment in explosive atmospheres and have an interest in Hazardous Areas standards. With growing demands for competence of staff in Hazardous Area locations the AEMT provides training for companies using Atex, explosion proof, and other Hazardous Area Equipment both electrical and mechanical. The AEMT represents members on Hazardous Area Standards Committees (the IEC BS EN 60079 range of standards).

We help to train employees up to obtain personal IEC Ex competencies, and Repair companies to be audited to become IEC Ex Certified Repairers.

The Association offers a helpline for members on areas such as repair, maintenance, inspection, and installation as well as advice on the Energy Efficiency of Rotating equipment.

Hazardous Area Membership is for Oil and Chemical companies, Refineries, Petrol Distribution, Utilities, Gas and Sewerage Treatment Plants, and mining companies. Companies with hazardous dust areas in grain and sugar silos, and aluminium process dust. This membership is also suitable for Consultants and other Associations with an interest in these areas.

Allied Membership: Annual Subscription New Members Joining Fee
Any size of company £400.00+VAT £80.00 +VAT

Friends of the AEMT

This category is for individual membership. It is for people in the UK and internationally with an interest in the areas covered by the AEMT. They receive copies of the AEMT yearbook and Journals, and are on the Friends of the AEMT mailing list. They do not enjoy the benefits that a full member company enjoys. They cannot use the AEMT logo on their literature, and do not receive the discounts on courses. They do not have access to the technical publications or the Full Members area of the web site or the AEMT help lines.

Friends of the AEMT Annual Subscription
UK address £40+VAT
International Address £48.00


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