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Advertising is available in Renew Magazine, Yearbook and in our newsletter updates.

Renew Magazine

Renew is the AEMT's own publication offering insight into the repair, maintenance and replacement of rotating machinery

Published quarterly, Renew is aimed exclusively at users of electric motors, drives, pumps, fans, gearboxes, generators, transformers, switchgear, and ancillary equipment.

To advertise with Renew Magazine please visit Renew Magazine or email

The Yearbook

The definitive industry guide has been a bible for the industry for many decades. Inside are the Services offered and locations of members including:

  • Low voltage Motor Sales and Service
  • High Voltage Machines Sales and Service
  • Pump specialists
  • Condition monitoring specialists
  • Description of members’ services and facilities.
  • Associate members and suppliers listing.
  • Membership Benefits and AEMT Advantage, Publications list and descriptions.
  • The AEMT International Ex Register
  • AEMT Training on the repair and maintenance of Hazardous area equipment.

The Yearbook is circulated to 3,000 international industry contacts and is also handed out at any events the AEMT have chosen to support throughout the year. 

AEMT Newsletter

Our e-newsletter covers any AEMT updates and news and is sent monthly to over 2000 members and non-members who have signed up. We are now offering AEMT Members the opportunity to advertise in our e-newsletter.


Run of 3 adverts (across 3 consecutive months): £30.00 per advert 
Advert for 1 month only:£45.00 per advert

If you are interested in advertising in our e-newsletter, please email